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How to Fund Your Adventures With Your Travel Snaps

Stockholm, Sweden‘s chic riverside capital, has to be one of my favorite places to visit as a photographer. Built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges, each neighborhood possesses its own charm and distinct character.

View of the boulevard Strandvägen in Östermalm in central Stockholm, Sweden (Marianne A. Campolongo)

View of the boulevard Strandvägen in Östermalm in central Stockholm Sweden. Buy a print here.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s beautifully preserved old town, is a place out of time. Its charming streets and crooked alleys are filled with shops and cafes housed in pastel-colored buildings that shine in the summer sunshine. Despite several trips to Europe, it’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that people actually live and work in buildings that have been standing for hundreds of years. At the Royal Palace—an impressive baroque fortress on the north of the island—I snapped some photos of the Royal Guard, resplendent in their bright-blue uniforms.

As I enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city, I brought my camera with me everywhere I went—knowing I could sell my pictures on stock websites later and fund future trips.

View of Stockholm Sweden skyline seen from the water Lake Malaren with focus on Gamla Stan, Stockhom's medieval old town. (Marianne A. Campolongo/© 2013 Marianne A. Campolongo)

I love this view as we headed into Gamla Stan on a Hop On Hop Off boat on Lake Malaren. The trip was a boon for fine art photography. This photo was exhibited most recently in August 2016 at the Upstream Gallery in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. It was first exhibited in a group show at the Yonkers Public Library Gallery in 2014. Print available here.


A blue bicycle on a quaint cobblestone street in Gamla Stan, Old Town, Stockholm, Sweden, Europe. (Marianne A. Campolongo/© Marianne A. Campolongo)

Bicycle on a cobblestone street in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s wonderful old town. Get a print here.

Cruising along the coast of Sweden amid the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago on the Baltic Sea at sunrise with a retro vintage feel. Cruise vacation concept. Cruise ship lifeboats are seen overhead with islands in the distance and copy space. Sea holiday concept. Colors and white balance enhanced to give a vintage feel, no other digital changes. (Marianne Campolongo/© Marianne A. Campolongo)

Cruising along the Baltic Sea was a wonderful experience. Despite the white nights, the sun still rises each day in an incredible burst of color.  Buy a print here.

Part of my trip to Sweden included a four-day cruise through the Baltic Sea to Estonia and Russia. The trip began and ended cruising through the Stockholm Archipelago, a collection of about 20,000 islands and islets along the Swedish coast—lush and green and dotted with distinctive red, wooden vacation cottages. All along the islands’ coasts, sailboats, kayaks, and canoes were tied up to wooden docks, or sailing amid the breath-taking scenery.


Östra Älgögrundet fyr ( lighthouse ) along the coast of Sweden amid the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago seen from the Baltic Sea at sunrise. The lighthouse station was established in 1931. The 25 foot lighthouse is seen from above. (Marianne Campolongo/© Marianne A. Campolongo)

Östra Älgögrundet fyr ( lighthouse ) along the coast of Sweden in the Stockholm Archipelago. Prints coming soon. Contact me: Marianne(at)travelstockblog(dot)com. 

There were many lighthouses, my favorite photography subject, both on the islands or seemingly floating on their own in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The lighthouses looked impossibly tiny from the high deck of the cruise ship, until I saw the Vallersvik lighthouse perched near a two-story house and had a better sense of their true scale, smaller than many here in the United States. I sell the photos of these lighthouses through a fine art website. Last week, Vallersvik’s lighthouse owner’s daughter messaged me and invited me to call in for coffee the next time I was in the area.


The Stockholm Archipelago along the Swedish coastline seen from the Baltic Sea at sunrise. Cottages are just visible in the fog. (Note: Photo taken around 5:19 AM August 19, 2011 - camera time set incorrectly - camera 7 hours early). (Marianne Campolongo/© Marianne A. Campolongo)

When I first got up on deck to snap photos of the sunrise at 4:30 am on our return to Stockholm, the sky was bright white and I thought I was too late. Then I began to see color along the horizon and soon the sky was ablaze with this intense orange. The colors changed over the next while. It was a truly dramatic sunrise. Buy a print here.

Green and white striped Vallersvik Fyr (Lighthouse) and a cottage on the Swedish coast seen from the Baltic Sea on a cruise through the Stockholm Archipelago. The islands of the Stockholm archipelago are a popular summer vacation area in Sweden. (Marianne Campolongo/© Marianne A. Campolongo)

This is the green and white striped Vallersvik Lighthouse and the cottage owned by the family of the woman who contacted me. The Stockholm Archipelago is dotted with lush islands and summer cottages. Returning to Sweden to stay on one of these islands is on the top of my bucket list. Buy a print here.

I have sold many images from my trip, both as stock and fine art, with those from the Stockholm Archipelago being my best sellers. My most profitable photograph is a canvas print of moored boats, vacation cottages, and a gazebo reflected in the still waters of the Baltic Sea. This goes for $285* on a website that sells canvas prints of photographs.

Stockholm is the ideal place to visit for someone like me who loves being on the water and snapping photos. Next time, I plan to rent a cottage on one of the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago, and hope to drink a coffee on the deck of that lighthouse.

Buying Prints:

*The print sale mentioned in the article was for a medium-large print. Smaller and larger canvas canvas  print sizes are available at various price points, as are unframed, framed, metal, and acrylic prints in my Scandinavia Gallery on Fine Art America. I plan to add additional images from that trip there and to the Sweden Gallery on my main website. If you see an image of mine not yet available as a print that interests you, or you are looking for something in particular, contact me. If you are in the UK, I have Swedish photographs available at Photo4Me. I also offer prints via Crated and have some different images there. Always feel free to contact me with questions or requests at Marianne(at)travelstockblog(dot)com or sign up for my Newsletter at right and ask a question in the Comments section.

Author’s Note:  I originally wrote this article for International LivingIt was first published on their website on September 8, 2016. It is posted here with their permission. I have added additional photos for illustration. I am a frequent contributor to International Living. You can find more my of articles about travel stock photography on the International Living website here. 

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