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Interviewed by the Breakfast Stock Club

Grunge heart on turquoise blue background. Available from Dreamstime through link below. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve been submitting stock photos for a while now but didn’t really start adding to my portfolio until late last year. As I grow my stock portfolio, I’ve found it helpful to join a few forums, including those on the various sites I submit to such as Dreamstime, Shutterstock, and Alamy Images.  Most forums have a great community and it’s been a big help to get advice from others, both those starting out and those who have been selling stock photos for many years.

Last week, I was interviewed about my stock photo sales by the Breakfast Stock Club. I’ve been getting their emails for a while and just joined their group on Facebook. The idea behind the article was to encourage new stock photographers. Since I’m a freelance writer as well as a photographer, I found it especially fun to be the interviewee instead of the interviewer. 
Conventional wisdom these days is that you need to license both RM and higher end RF on the macros as well as more generic RF on the micros. My images are split between microstock and macrostock, so I can experiment with backgrounds such as the one above that I made with my lensbaby and my wacom tablet, licensing a few 100 photos on the micros quickly, or licensing photos on Alamy for $100 or more a pop.
My portfolio is still very small, but  I’m encouraged to keep uploading. Here’s the article – I hope you find it helpful. And here’s to everyone’s continued success!

 (The image above was made with my lensbaby composer and the macro filter attachment. I then drew the  heart using my wacom tablet. When I have more images to share, I plan to blog about the lensbaby. Here’s one of my  favorites from my website. It’s so much fun and the images I’ve made with it have nearly recouped my cost already).

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