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My Favorite Cookbooks

 Some of my favorites …

A fellow photographer’s photo of squash blossoms with the title “You Eat These?” got me thinking of a sidebar article I wrote to go along with the guest post by my daughter about traveling in her kitchen through the food she makes, which I posted last month. My plans to blog frequently have not come to pass so thought I’d convert that sidebar to an article in the hopes some of you foodies find my mini reviews of some of my favorite cookbooks helpful. Everybody loves food, right?

Cooking with Giada De Laurentiis

Giada at Home

I’d never heard of squash blossoms until I assisted he wonderful food photographer Jonelle Weaver out in California shooting the cookbook, Giada at Home : Family Recipes from Italy and California for Giada De Laurentiis. That’s where I fell in love with them. Stuffed with cheese they are awesome! You’ll find the recipe in this cookbook along with many others that are simply scrumptious and easy too! 
My very fave though is the chocolate hazelnut torte. As we say here in New York, “It is to die for!” I am not a cake lover, but could eat the entire thing at one sitting. I made it for my husband Rob’s birthday a year before the book came out, which happened to be a week after I flew home from California. Thanks to Giada allowing me to use the recipe in advance, he was in heaven. It’s easy and better than anything you could find in even the fanciest local bakeries.
Truly Scrumptious

James McNair’s Pie Cookbook

This pie cookbook helped me remember what Grandma taught me when it was time to bake pies on my own. The same grandmother who inspired this blog. Wish she’d still been here to remind me herself but James McNair’s advice sure helped. Learn to make your own pie crusts and bake like a pro. An it’s available on Amazon for a penny! Used, that is. I’d probably opt for a new one since a new paperback is less than $10. You can even get the hardcover for $78! Clearly I’m not the only one who finds his pie baking advice invaluable.

The pages are falling out of mine I’ve had it so long, but none are ripped so it’s held up well and every pie I’ve made has been a winner! I have the paperback and it’s printed on sturdy stock.  The photography in the book is scrumptious too! (Almost as good as Jonelle’s). 

Delicious Summer Meals without the Guilt

South Beach Diet for the Grill

My husband Rob, who’s never had to diet in his life loves the recipes from The South Beach Diet Taste of Summer Cookbook. And my daughter and guest-blogger Liz, a vegetarian since age 14, especially likes the cerviche recipe (fish cooked by marinating it in lime juice-try it! ). In fact, that and lobster mac and cheese has turned her into a pescatarian !

This is one summer cookbook we turn to again and again. 

P.S. For the Chocolate Honey Almond Torte you need a 9″ springform pan. Super easy I promise! You can order it when you buy the cookbook so you’re ready to go!  

And here’s a link to Patricia Greer’s photo of squash blossoms that started me off.

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